It’s not only GHOST HAUNTING in Florida!

We get rid of all bad spirits with GUARANTEE!

We get rid off all disturbances created by paranormal activity at homes and workplaces.

We don’t hunt them down, but send restless spirits back to where you think appropriate.
We repel spirits from any place on demand.
Not only in Florida! We are more than Ghost busters:) or ghostbusters:)
It is almost a Taboo to speak about it, but we have received training and energy to make you free from disturbed spirits and haunts.

Many do not even want to believe in such “things”. But they very well know and feel that all is not in order.

A lot skeptics contact people like us when modern society and scientific knowledge is incapable of giving a credible explanation, or help to resolve their problems. And by this people are willing to open and allow anybody to fiddle with their lives, just to try things out. In the majority of the cases, people approach us when they have exhausted all other possibilities. It would have been much better if people approach us first.

Our activity is never fake nor charlatanism, if you none-the-less believe us to be that, please don’t contact us. Try other solutions.

Search priests from other Orders. Find expensive ghost hunters and surveillance systems; pay fortunes to swindlers.

We only accept donations when your problems are resolved!!! With us you have no risks!!!

About Us

We have dealt with spirits and disorders occasioned by them for several years now. We do our work with a lot of success. This is why we strongly recommend ourselves and expect your donation only when you’re satisfied.

Our training and god-given talent helps us in our path to helping you.

Anyway God brought you here! You have to believe that it was not an accident. Yes God exists, inside you, and if stop here and do not believe this, that the world is moved by the invisible, then you are there where we were a couple of years ago.

We took up spirituality because we could not find answers to our 3 basic questions:

•    Where are we from (before birth)?
•    What is our destiny (today)?
•    Where are we heading towards (after death)?

We can tell you that we have a holistic view of how things work, surfing on a fantastic background of knowledge.

Reincarnation, god, destiny/karma, origins of ill-health, human being as the creator, UFO, astro-world, spiritual knowledge, angels and communication with them, DNS and human capabilities, end of the world, human lives written on palm leaves , meditation, travel back to previous lives, the use of energies, rod operation, Reiki, Chakras, meridians…
Interesting, the world of today does not teach you this… this is not accidental.

Qualifications: Reiki therapy, shaman studies, Spiritual master, officially recognized priest, spirit therapy, Meridian therapy, Angle therapy, Kristal therapy, student of José Silva in mind control studies, Medium, student Adamus, Exorcist, Shaumbra … and father and mother of two children.

Diplomas received from this material world: Electrical Engineer, Industrial Electronic Technician, Economist and Qualified Teacher.

Kristina and Valentin

Ghost Expelling

A realistic theory based on true experiences:

After the death of the human body the spirit has 42-48/49 days to return home, after this period the light tunnel will close. The spirit will impend and will need energy to exist. This can be attained only through existing physical beings or objects and places.

The movement of spirits is mainly between evening 9 to early morning 4. These movements are mostly perceptible with the movement of curtains, candle flame, odd smells and when animals follow invisible beings around.

These movements are the result of spirits trying to reach afterlife. In this they need help; they strive to re-enter the cycle of reincarnation. Since afterlife is redemption for them.

Unfortunately, in many instances haunt is treated as a psychological case, but without resolution.

The reason for this intermediate state:

•    Quite often the deceased wish to remain with their relatives, take care of the beloved ones even after physical death.
•    Up to 49 days the strongly sense the loss felt by those remain and feel obliged to stay behind.
•    The dead are protective of their property, jobs and physical body. They therefore remain in hospitals or cemeteries.
•    It is know that, with unexpected deaths, the spirit would like to stay behind in search of “justice”.
•    Unfortunately it is not in our culture, that whatever we did, there is no punishment. Spirits fear that they would be punished by god. For this reason they prefer to stay behind.
•    Many do not realize that they are really dead, i.e. accident etc.
•    The spirit in the impending condition comes to terms that there no physical body and can do what wants. It remains to satisfy its cravings that it could not before, knowing that now the risk is inexistent.

Signs of interiors haunting:

•    Objects disappear without notice
•    Doors will open
•    Unidentifiable smells and sounds
•    Mainly children are apt to see them. Maybe they go to children to gain energy.
•    In the evening ( sometime even during daytime) hair-raising feelings
•    Unexplainable fears
•    Being more tired at waking-up then going to sleep
•    Change of mood
•    Feeling pressure
•    Burnt smell of vinyl
•    Foul foot odor
•    If the dead were cremated, then burnt skin can be felt
•    Pressure on the keyboard
•    Smoky shadow
•    “As if people are observed” feeling
•    Movement of breeze without reasons
•    In particular areas of the body feeling of hot or cold areas ( suction of energy can be felt, especially in early mornings)
•    After moving in residents get trapped in the same fate as the previous residents (i.e. indebtedness)

Signs of cleansed spaces after distant rituals:

•    Pleasant feeling to be in a given space/place
•    Disappearance of unidentifiable disorders


Distant provision of help:

From distance we help the spirit go away, so that your problems can be resolved.
We only expect donations when the disorders disappear.
Distant help does not require expensive travel and problems of fixing an appointment.
Often, people lacking confidence do not want specify a problem, bring someone into their home and does not want to meet people with similar problems because of being laughed at.
The ritual will be done on the same day as your request. There no need for waiting for long weeks.
I repeat, we wait for donations only when we are successful (to prove skeptics wrong).

In this case of success of our service the donation will be $199 or 149 €

Order sequence:

We ask you to write in a few sentences your specific problems. Give us your exact address, name and date of births of those living in the house/flat. Send this information

We will reply to you promptly; if the problems mentioned are caused by ghosts. If so, we will proceed with the ritual of removing the ghosts from your home.

We will notify you if the ritual was successful.

If after the ritual You are satisfied, we will appreciate you sending your donation through Western Union, Visa or MasterCard credit cards, at .

Beneficiary’s name:

First name:                          Valentin
Surnemae/last name:          Galik
Country:                              Hungary
City:                                     Kazincbarcika
City code:                            3700
Street:                                  Liliom 18


IBAN: HU17 1177 3030 0806 0479 0000 0000

First name:                         Valentin
Surnemae/last name:         Galik
Country:                             Hungary
City:                                    Kazincbarcika
City code:                           3700
Street:                                 Liliom 18

Thank you for your confidence, and if satisfied, please recommend to others.

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